February 4, 2011

Dallas Snow and Ice Storm for the Super Bowl?

Really? It started here Monday evening with freezing rain, and it just keeps going like the Energizer bunny. The roads really are more treacherous than the news is saying, so I'm assuming the players and other party people have the AWD vehicles at their disposal.

Last night we got pounded by 6" of snow which is just about unheard of in this part of the country. We've had some help from neighboring states with snow plows, which have been going non-stop. I really feel sorry for those folks that have spent so much money to get here, and couldn't with cancelled flights and poor driving conditions.  Good News though, tomorrow is suppose to be in the 40's and this stuff will start melting away. 

I thought I'd post a couple pictures i took today.  One of my back patio so that you can see how high the snow is on my patio furniture, and another looking out my front door.  The bare spot in the drive is where Hubby's truck rests at night :)

I know to some of my friends here, this is nothing, and you're probably saying to yourself, "Snow, you call that SNOW. You want to see real snow, come to ___ to see me". Right?  When Dallas just about shuts down because of it...It's a mess to us :)

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