July 10, 2011

Can a Hippopotamus really turn into a Zebra?

It sure can!  I wanted to make one of those amigurumi zebra's and giraffe's for my grandson, a then if he liked them, add them to my website to be included in a future product line. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm always getting into one thing or another :).

Anyway, I searched my 2 favorite handmade sites for crochet patterns, found 2 that I thought would work, and as a courtesy asked if they would mind if I sold my finished product from their pattern. Unfortunately, I was faced with one saying "no", the other limiting me where I could sell :(.

My ArtFire forum friends were helpful, and told me to check the internet for free patterns. I did, found the giraffe, but my little Zebra friend was no where to be found.  So, I found this little hippo pattern, compared it to a pattern I really loved, and made my own. So YES, a hippo can turn into a Zebra.

Whatcha think?

 This was the little hippo pattern that I found on the internet. I think it's with Lion yarn.
 These are what I ended up with :)

And yes, he's kissing his new little friend. His favorite is the Giraffe!