NEW 2012 opportunity for Nana G Creations:

NEW: Nana G Creations goes to the Oscars! 

We are so excited to have been chosen by The Artisan Group to included our Business cards in each Celebrity Swag Bag (100 of them) at the gift lounge this year, as well as including our Ad in their guide.  Here's a photo of the Ad I'll be including in their Guide. 

Mother's Day Gifting

The organization I belong to "the artisan group", has teamed up with a celebrity PR firm to create specialty gift bags for some of Hollywood's most talked-about moms.  Their PR firm uses its direct access to top talent and its reputation for pampering the world's biggest trendsetters to introduce the most fabulous of products to these stars (and their families). I'm thrilled to have been one of the members chosen to have my products included in this years special gift bags!

Last Year's Gift Bag Recipients: 
Becki Newton, Jewel, Amy Adams, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Emily Procter, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Banks, Christina Applegate, Ali Larter, Isla Fisher, Tiffani Thiessan, Kate Hudson, Alanis Morissette, Miranda Kerr, Jane Krakowski, Amy Poehler, Marion Cotillard, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Connelly, Kely Preston, Pink, Vera Farmiga, and Victoria Beckham.

They haven't chosen the celebrity Mom's yet, but when they do....I'll be back to post who will be receiving on of our baby gifts.

Nana G's went to the Golden Globes!

What a year this is starting out to be. Whew, I'm going to be busy.

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