July 11, 2015

New Adventure into "You Tube"


I'm so excited to announce that I have entered the You Tube world. It's something that I've been thinking about for awhile now, and finally decided to just bite the bullet and go for it.

Now, I have to admit that I am not a photogenic person, and definitely not the type that would stand up and speak in a crowd, but I'm sure I'll get better at the process with the more video's I create. So, the channel will be for crafting of all types. I've already done my first introduction and tutorial video, so I have that out of the way. Whew!

You'll see Knitting, Crochet, Sewing, Recipes, and any other craft ideas that I or you as the viewer come up with. I hope you'll give it a look and if you like it, you can subscribe and/or like in the comments. Wish me luck and please click the link below!

June 17, 2012

What's in a Name?


It's official, I've finally opened my new website and can't be more thrilled.

Snuggle Bug Baby &ME is open. I have a few new items along with several others that are in the process of listing. I'll be doing a Grand Opening Give away on our new Blog site within the next couple weeks, so be sure to head over and follow us.

More exciting news? Artfire name change will go into effect next week, and Etsy will follow.

April 24, 2012

Diaper Cakes by Diana

I have a story I’d love to share with you all. Recently, a customer of mine ordered a receiving blanket, then ordered another. I looked and found that she was a repeat customer. How exciting to have a repeat customer, right. Well it didn’t take long before I discovered exactly what she was using my blankets for. She was making Diaper Cakes and using them in her creations. Intrigued, I asked to see a photograph, and she graciously sent me one.

I was so impressed with her detail work, I just wanted to learn more about her craft, how she started, where her shop was, all the scoop. I learned that she does not sell her masterpieces on an online selling venue,but uses Facebook as her outlet. Right now she doesn’t do shipping as she lives in Canada, but she is one busy lady. Please take a moment and read our discussion to learn more about Diana Feret of Diaper Cakes by Diana. Oh, and p.s. she make a sweet comment about my blankets that I’m pretty proud of, and they are in 2 of the photograph’s she sent me.

Diaper Cakes by Diana’s Story:

Nana G: Diana, tell me a little about yourself and the history of your products and shop.

Diana: I went to a friend's baby shower and the mom-to-be received a diaper cake as a gift. I thought it was such a great and unique idea that I attempted to make a diaper cake for my soon to arrive grandson. I bought the diapers and additional items to add to the cake and the creative process started to unfold. My first diaper cake was made from rolled diapers with little socks and washcloths added as embellishments. I started researching diaper cakes on the internet and got more ideas. I took what I learned and added my own touch to those ideas.

Nana G: What made you decide to start selling your products?

Diana: People had never seen diaper cakes and I started to get requests to make them for friends and family. With much encouragement from family and friends, Diaper Cakes by Diana was born. What started out as a hobby slowly turned into a nice, small, home business. I do not ship as of yet. I am still very small but I do deliver locally.

Nana G: What is one product you've made that you are super proud of, and the story behind it.

Diana: My cakes have gotten more elaborate since the 1st cake I ever made but that 1st cake is the one I am most proud of. It was for my grandson and for that reason, it holds a lot of sentimental value. As simplistic as that cake is, it was crafted out of much love and was the seed that started my passion for creating diaper cakes.

Nana G: Do you design your products from customers visions or your own?

Diana: My cakes are all custom ordered and created to a theme and color choice requested by the customer. They give me the theme and I design it from there. I start seeking out custom made blankets representing my theme and then add embellishments to compliment it. Nana G Creations has been a wonderful supplier for some of my cakes. Her blankets add the perfect touch to my cakes.

Please stop by her Facebook Page to see some of her other beautiful designs. I know she'd love you to Like her page and follow her on her journey.

Diaper Cakes by Diana on Facebook

April 1, 2012

Nana G Creations- Latest Celebrity Gifting with our New Lovie Blanket

Nana G Creations designed a unique original Security Blanket for our latest celebrity gifting for Mother's Day. In association with The Artisan Group,we will be participating in a select group of new mom's and 5 members of the press.

We are so excited that each of these celebrities will receive our new design created just for them. The list that will be receiving is: Hilary Duff,Rebecca Gayheart,Keri Russell,Beyonce,Kourtney Kardashian,Lindsay Price,Maggie Gyllenhaal,Jessica Alba,Uma Thurman,Alyson Hannigan,Molly Sims,Sienna Miller,Kristin Cavallari,Jessica Simpson,Bryce Dallas Howard,Evangeline Lilly,Jennifer Garner,Marley Shelton,Sarah Polley,Mrs. Jason Bateman (Amanda Anka),Mrs. Bruce Willis (Emma Heming),Susan Downey, Jr.,Lisa Loeb,Mrs. Kelsey Grammer (Kayte Walsh, and Jessica Capshaw.

This little security blanket has a pocket just the right size for little fingers or hands to hold onto with no loops. Both the rich chocolately minky on one side with a coordinating colored poly satin pocket and the spring minty green blankets are embroidered with a heart design and "my lovie" in glow in the dark thread. They will absolutely love this blanket and have the time of their life watching the design glow in the dark.

These will also be available in pink, blue, white, and 2 different polka dots (blue and brown, and pink and brown) very soon. So stay tuned for updates on Nana G Creations website. I will also be offering these in my Etsy and Artfire shop as well.

Be the first to own one of these little blankets! You can find them here:

March 10, 2012

Another Give Away

In case you missed out on our Animal Print Tote Bag giveaway from Nana G Creations, here's another chance to sign up for our Small Leopard Print tote bag.

Maur Designs (our sister site) is offering the Leopard print Tote bag as a give away. It ends 3/15/12, so hurry over to Maur Designs on Facebook, and sign up under the Giveaway tab. http://www.facebook.com/MaurDesigns

February 26, 2012

Happy 2/26/2012 - My week

Well, our first Nana G Creations give away was a success. Our winner of the Zebra Print tote bag loved the prize, and I was the winner of a Facebook contest from Diana Ferguson of Thompson Girl on Etsy, and won a beautiful black and brown pair of earrings... I can't wait to wear them.

The Oscars Gift Lounge went well, and my Business cards that were included in The Artisan Groups Swag Bags went home with 100 Celebrities. Let's hope one of two of them check out our website :).

I heard from my Graphic Artist and she said that I'll be getting my new Banners for my Maur Designs website within the next few days...I'm so excited! Right now, I'm putting together a Facebook ad for that site just like I did for this one. So.. If you haven't gone over the MaurDesigns at blogspot and followed us... get over there, so you won't miss it.

I've been pretty busy, and I'm feeling a little scattered. Sure hope this feeling passes soon.

February 11, 2012

Small Animal Print Tote Bag Giveaway!

Here it is... Our Tote Bag Giveaway for our 700 Facebook "likes" Goal we reached.

One of these Two Animal Print Tote bags can soon be making its way to your home. You can read all about each of these on my website site Here and Here. These will make a great fashion statement and even have a detachable flower accessory that you can take off and attach to your favorite sweater, headband, or another purse you want to dress up.

There are only 4 things you need to do to enter our giveway.

1) Like our Facebook Page
2) Follow our Blog
3) Comment here which tote bag you'd like to win
4) Important: YOU MUST add your name in the Giveaway form (Rafflecopter)to be included in the Giveaway. Click on ENTER TO WIN and add your name.

I'm using Rafflecopter, a popular giveaway and raffle program. This will automatically enter everyones name and when its time to choose a winner, they will be picked randomly by Rafflecopter. Check back here on 2/17/12 after after 3pm to see who the lucky winner is!