Diaper Bag:   I took a complicated quilted bag pattern and couldn't master the pinwheel design, nor at this point had the patience to do so.  I thought to myself, I know I can make this a different way and add pockets, and designs. For those that know me...I love to machine embroider, so I sat down with pen and pad and came up with this.  It's a duffle type diaper bag with loads of inside room. Two pockets on one side with special sayings, and two blank pockets on the opposite side. I'll try to get the other views on this page as well.  Remember...I'm real new to this blog stuff.

 This side says "Me and my Daddy Watch Baseball".
 I can guarantee that will happen!
Ok - I think I'm getting the hang of this now. Let's try some more angles-LOL

This is the other side.  It says "Toys R Mine" with the little boy's name on the bottom. 
 One side of inside pocket
 The other side of inside pocket.
View of inside.
Last one of the top zipper.