April 16, 2011

Introducing Baby Butch and Little Miss Priss

Hi Everyone.  I've been very busy lately, with trying to come up with new idea's for my website http://www.nanagcreations.com/ (shameless plug).  I found this wonderful baby pattern and decided this would be an adorable addition to the family.

I've been reading up on some child development issues regarding boys playing with dolls. So far the pro's definitely out weigh the con's for sure.   Here are just a couple of key points that I totally agree with.
  1. It's emotionally healthy for little boys to be able to play with dolls.  They learn how to be gentle and caring in a way they might not learn by playing only with trucks and guns.  Nana's comment: Yep, I agree with this.
  2. Your thinking about growing your family, and you need to teach your little boy how to be gentle, loving, and attentive to a new baby. Teaching is visual with children. They will surely learn by responding to a little baby doll, just as you responded to them when they were infants. Nana's comment: Children don't remember the time period when they were infants. They don't remember that you were gentle with their heads, wrapped them up when they were cold, or fed them bottles. You need to teach them, and what a better way to do that then to start with their own little boy baby doll?
  3. Your doll playing boy just might grow up to be a pediatrician, a teacher of young children, or enter some other career that reflects his gentle nature. Nana's comment: A parents dream!
These babies aren't quite ready for adoption yet, but they will be real soon. Each one has a little outie belly button, blue, green, or brown eyes, and a cute little pinchable bum. They are all hand sculptured on a high quality fabric that has a peaches and cream feel to it, with ten little toes, ten little fingers, and an adorable little button nose. These two were born on April 15, 2011, but yours will come with a Birth Certificate on a date you choose. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a baby doll that has the same birthday as the little one your giving this to?

This little boy got his name from what my Grandson calls his Pops (grandpa). We tell him say hi Pop's, and he says "Hi Butch". He's just learning how to talk, so even though Pops laughs and finds it so cute, we're gonna keep practicing. 

Lil Miss Priss? She just looked like a Prissy little girl to me :)

I would love to have your feedback on these little one's. Who knows, maybe one of them will be my first contest give away that I'm planning on doing in the near future.  What do you all think?

*Coming Soon - another surprise baby*