October 20, 2010

News Flash - Nana G Creations Goes Live!

The time has come to take Nana G Creations Live!  Roll out is tonight at 7pm, so please drop by and spread the word for me.  I'm really excited to finally have finished the up-front work, and now can concentrate on creating those memories.

I have to thank my Hubby for his support and tolerating my "Leave me Alone" attitude during the process, my children for the lack of time spent with them (I sure miss that), and all my encouraging, pep talking friends and family that have kept this dream of mine going.

Thanks Again!!! Don't forget to sign my Guestbook when you visit.

October 6, 2010

Just finished another custom Shower Gift order. I'm so blessed.

3-pc set. Large Receiving Blanket that will let you Swaddle your little one longer than those whimpy store bought ones, matching designed burp cloth, and reversible bib.