April 24, 2012

Diaper Cakes by Diana

I have a story I’d love to share with you all. Recently, a customer of mine ordered a receiving blanket, then ordered another. I looked and found that she was a repeat customer. How exciting to have a repeat customer, right. Well it didn’t take long before I discovered exactly what she was using my blankets for. She was making Diaper Cakes and using them in her creations. Intrigued, I asked to see a photograph, and she graciously sent me one.

I was so impressed with her detail work, I just wanted to learn more about her craft, how she started, where her shop was, all the scoop. I learned that she does not sell her masterpieces on an online selling venue,but uses Facebook as her outlet. Right now she doesn’t do shipping as she lives in Canada, but she is one busy lady. Please take a moment and read our discussion to learn more about Diana Feret of Diaper Cakes by Diana. Oh, and p.s. she make a sweet comment about my blankets that I’m pretty proud of, and they are in 2 of the photograph’s she sent me.

Diaper Cakes by Diana’s Story:

Nana G: Diana, tell me a little about yourself and the history of your products and shop.

Diana: I went to a friend's baby shower and the mom-to-be received a diaper cake as a gift. I thought it was such a great and unique idea that I attempted to make a diaper cake for my soon to arrive grandson. I bought the diapers and additional items to add to the cake and the creative process started to unfold. My first diaper cake was made from rolled diapers with little socks and washcloths added as embellishments. I started researching diaper cakes on the internet and got more ideas. I took what I learned and added my own touch to those ideas.

Nana G: What made you decide to start selling your products?

Diana: People had never seen diaper cakes and I started to get requests to make them for friends and family. With much encouragement from family and friends, Diaper Cakes by Diana was born. What started out as a hobby slowly turned into a nice, small, home business. I do not ship as of yet. I am still very small but I do deliver locally.

Nana G: What is one product you've made that you are super proud of, and the story behind it.

Diana: My cakes have gotten more elaborate since the 1st cake I ever made but that 1st cake is the one I am most proud of. It was for my grandson and for that reason, it holds a lot of sentimental value. As simplistic as that cake is, it was crafted out of much love and was the seed that started my passion for creating diaper cakes.

Nana G: Do you design your products from customers visions or your own?

Diana: My cakes are all custom ordered and created to a theme and color choice requested by the customer. They give me the theme and I design it from there. I start seeking out custom made blankets representing my theme and then add embellishments to compliment it. Nana G Creations has been a wonderful supplier for some of my cakes. Her blankets add the perfect touch to my cakes.

Please stop by her Facebook Page to see some of her other beautiful designs. I know she'd love you to Like her page and follow her on her journey.

Diaper Cakes by Diana on Facebook


  1. Thank you for such a lovely blog, Nana G. I am truly touched that you chose to write a blog about my small, home business. We are both so fortunate to be able to create gifts for new precious babies coming into people's lives. What can be sweeter than that?
    Thanks again,

  2. Those are some lovely diaper cakes, very creative!

    And, just stopping by from the Artfire Follow blog forums links. So, stop on over and say hi, leave a comment and check out my Facebook too if you like, thanks!


  3. These are so fun to see! They make a shower a real party. Your blankets add to the elegance of the cakes!

  4. Thanks Carolyn, she is one talented lady..

  5. Oh I love them.. especially the monkey

  6. Hi Maureen,

    although I don't have children I have always been intrigued by these Diaper Cakes! The monkey on the bicycle is adorable!
    have a wonderful day,
    Duni - new follower via TAG :)