February 26, 2012

Happy 2/26/2012 - My week

Well, our first Nana G Creations give away was a success. Our winner of the Zebra Print tote bag loved the prize, and I was the winner of a Facebook contest from Diana Ferguson of Thompson Girl on Etsy, and won a beautiful black and brown pair of earrings... I can't wait to wear them.

The Oscars Gift Lounge went well, and my Business cards that were included in The Artisan Groups Swag Bags went home with 100 Celebrities. Let's hope one of two of them check out our website :).

I heard from my Graphic Artist and she said that I'll be getting my new Banners for my Maur Designs website within the next few days...I'm so excited! Right now, I'm putting together a Facebook ad for that site just like I did for this one. So.. If you haven't gone over the MaurDesigns at blogspot and followed us... get over there, so you won't miss it.

I've been pretty busy, and I'm feeling a little scattered. Sure hope this feeling passes soon.

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